Core Drilling

CHESCO’s diamond core drilling equipment can efficiently cut/drill holes from ½” in diameter to 60″ in diameter. Holes can be drilling on any angle, above and below grade and underwater. Typical applications include coring of walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and bridges. CHESCO also does coring samples for testing compressive strength of concrete, and density tests for asphalt. Core drilling is often used for installing cables, conduits, drainage piping, railings, bollards and stress cables through structures, demolition or new construction projects.”.

Dowel Drilling

Dowel drilling is used when new concrete is being poured up against existing concrete. To prevent deflection, dowel pins or bars are installed into the existing concrete prior to pouring the new concrete. The drilling is normally done using air powered gang drills and is a fast and efficient way of creating the required holes for new dowel pins.