Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a nondestructive technology used to locate embedded targets such as reinforcement bar, post-tension cables, conduits, voids and other existing utilities in concrete structures, roadways, and natural materials. GPR operates by transmitting mid-range electromagnetic (EM) waves (400-1600 MHZ) through local materials and records the strength in time for the return of reflected signals. The recorded times of reflected signals are translated into distances at depth and marked out accurately from the surface.

CHESCO offers GPR services to provide accurate, high resolution information in real time for industry-related services such as plumbing, electrical, site development and engineering. CHESCO is equipped with multiple frequency antennas and has the capability to locate embedded targets between 1-10 feet in concrete structures, slabs and natural materials. In addition, CHESCO has post-processing capabilities and can provide detailed images in 2D and 3D perspectives.