Road and Slab Sawing

A variety of concrete slabs such as roadways, bridges and suspended slabs can be cut using high powered flat saws to depths of 30″. CHESCO’s large fleet of electric and diesel powered flat saws can accommodate any indoor or outdoor project area. Handheld saws can also be used for projects with limited working spaces. CHESCO Coring & Cutting consciously strives to create the least amount of disruption to each job site and limit the amount of dust generated by wet sawing. Furthermore, CHESCO guarantees quality cleanup following project completion via industrial shop vacuuming.


Sawing and Sealing

The cutting of expansion joints on concrete surfaces or asphalt overlays is done to accommodate expansion and contraction and can be cut wet or dry depending on the circumstances. Joints can be sealed with preformed neoprene compression seals, poly urethane silicones or hot poured asphaltic joint seal. All of our joint sealing products are approved by major authorities for movements in concrete pavements, airfield aprons, runways, overlaid roads and parking lots.



Green Saw Cutting

Green sawing is a term used for saw cutting control joints in newly paved concrete roads, aprons, runways or floors. Green saw cutting is performed to induce cracks in pavement in controlled fashions. Saw cuts are typically 1/8″ wide with depths normally 1/3 the thickness of the concrete being cut.


Crack Sealing

Concrete and asphalt surfaces suffering from cracked or deteriorating sealing can be rehabilitated using a two-step process of removal and replacement. Sealing material is first removed from the surface joints by blowing the joints clean, sawing or routing, or sand blasting. Following removal, new sealing is then applied using materials specified by either the state or local agency. This process is normally done prior to a new overlay, or as a treatment of existing concrete or asphalt surfaces to prolong life and prevent breakdown of the road or parking lot.